BodyTrain T1000 Modern Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1000 is a Modern Treadmill Running Machine with large straight handles, a nice long running deck with plenty of room, a very modern treadmill running machine with a very modern digital display measuring everything from heart rate to calories to a body fat test with the included body fate tester which is built-in to the treadmill.

This modern treadmill running machine also folds up for easy storage, simply push the hydraulically powered running deck upwards to lock it horizontally in a position that takes up half the room, so when your next exercising you can simply fold this modern treadmill away.

Modern Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

Modern Treadmill Running Machine.

The modern treadmill running machine is light silver in colour with grey running deck, it will suit any modern home.

The BodyTrain T1000 has heartrate sensors built into the handlebars, simply hold the handlebars as you walk or run and your heartrate will be displayed in beats per minute on the redesigned and very modern looking digital display console, here your progress on one of the ten professional created exercise programmes is displayed in the form of a mini running track with your current position highlighted, it makes for a more interesting walk or run as you can actually visualise your progress around the running track.

The running track is over one metre long so there is plenty of room for legs of all sizes, from shorter people to taller people you will have plenty of treadmill to run and walk on without the running deck feeling like a tightrope.

The speed buttons are located right on the handlebars so whilst your running you don't have to fumble to find the slow down and speed up buttons, there's an emergency stop and safety cord located on the centre of the console directly in front of you so it's easy to stop.

Supplied pre-assembled with free delivery this modern treadmill is a bargain.
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