Nautilus NS300X Multi-Gym for gym bunnies.

The Nautilus NS300X Multi-Gym for gym bunnies everywhere, and with free delivery heaven just got a little bit closer.

If you want gym bunny paradise then get the Nautilus NS300X Multi-Gym it has a 91kg stack of weights and performs 30 different exercises from the one multi-gym.

Multi-Gym, Nautilus NS300X, Gym Bunny Paradise

Multi-Gym, Nautilus NS300X

Gym bunnies will appreciate the dual pivot pec dec, the chest press, incline press and shoulder press and go ecstatic for the mid row exercises.

Of course gym bunnies deserve to be comfortable whilst using their multigym so the Nautilus NS300X has an adjustable seat bottom and back.

Have you ever lost the instructions for anything before, how annoying is that, especially when you can't remember how to operate the equipment without the instructions, with the Nautilus multigym the instructions are printed on the multigym, you would have to be rather careless to lose and entire multigym.

There's lots of pulleys and cables, but never fear gym bunnies all these are controlled by a couple of simple levers, you don't have to perform an action similar to derigging a sailing ship every time you want to do a different exercise on this multigym.

Gym bunnies can calm down because delivery is free, the nice delivery men will carry your multigym into any downstairs room in your house for free, if you want the delivery man to lug your multigym upstairs or want a hand setting the multigym up then you can choose the installation option when you place your order.

The Nautilus NS300X Multigym has a 3 years parts and 1 years labour guarantee, so gym bunnies need not fear if their beloved exercise equipment fails it's covered by onsite warranty, so the nice engineer chappie will visit your home and repair your exercise machine whilst you run round making him cups of tea.
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