Nautilus NR 3000 Recumbent Bicycle with free delivery

Nautilus NR 3000 Recumbent Bicycle needs no batteries and no mains electricity, you won't need a plug point at all because the Nautilus NR 3000 uses self generating electromagnetic resistance which is created as you cycle.

Perfect for use if you have a gym or exercise area with no mains electricity like an outdoor shed or building.

Nautilus NR 3000 Recumbent Bicycle, No Batteries or Mains Electricity Required

Nautilus NR 3000 Recumbent Bicycle

The advantage of a recumbent bicycle over a conventional bike is that with a recumbent bike you have a much better sitting position where you won't get tired as quickly as you do on a normal bike, this is very important if you are recovering from injury or recuperating.

With a more comfortable cycling position you can cycle for longer and work your leg muscles harder, your leg muscles are the largest muscle groups in your body, so by working your leg muscles on a recumbent bicycle you are performing a cardiovascular exercise that has the most benefit to your body.

The Nautilus NR3000 has 6 programs which are ride in the park, rolling hills, speed intervals, strength intervals, plateau and pike's peak, you can also create two custom programs with the exact ride characteristics you prefer.

The Nautilus recumbent bicycle also has two different heart rate control programs that will actually generate a program as you cycle specific to the effort on your heart, your heart rate is monitored through the included heart rate strap and the cycling program adjusts for more or less effort depending on your heat rate.

The recumbent bicycle has a built-in display which shows you the program you are using and exercise statistics while you cycle including heart rate in beats per minute, distance travelled and effort level required as well as calories burned.

The Nautilus recumbent bike comes with a 3 year parts guarantee and a 1 year free labour guarantee.

The Nautilus recumbent bike will be delivered to your home address free of charge.
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