Multi-Press Station works out the bodies major muscle groups

The Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym is a Multi-Press Station which can work out all the major muscle groups with one machine including chest press, incline press, shoulder press, row exercises, leg press, abdominal crunch station, Pec Dec, rear deltoid station, leg curl and leg extension station.

Don't buy separate gym machines and clutter up your home, not to mention waste money buy the Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym Multi-Press Station and get 10 gym machines in one, where else can you afford to buy 10 gym machines which will give you a fully equipped gym at home.

Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym, Multi-Press Station

Multi-Press Station.

You can use the leg press and abdominal crunch station with up to 180kg of weight, you won't outgrow this multi press.

Change exercise easily with just one knob to pull, no complicated wires and pulleys to adjust, no pre flight checks, just one knob to select which gym machine you want to use makes your exercise regime enjoyable again, no longer will you have to exercise with the multigym manual in your hand!

The lowest weight you can select on any exercise is just 2.2kg so you will have no problem building up to some of the larger weights, just take it slow and incrementally over the weeks add more weight, don't try and lift everything as soon as your purchase arrives at home.

For the Pec Dec and rear deltoid you can lift up to 90kg per handle, that's a lot of weight in anyone's book which makes this multi-press perfect for training as well as rehabilitation, work at your own pace selecting just the weight advised by your medical advisor.

Change from leg curl to leg extension with just the pull of a lever, how simple is that, don't worry about a complicated multipress that you can't figure out how to use, if you can use the equipment in it's single form down at the gym, then this multigym will be no different.

The instructions for using the multipress are printed on the multipress itself, so there's no way you can lose the instructions, well unless you lose the multigym and that's got to be hard.

Delivery is free for the Nautilus NS4000 Multi-Gym and if you want we can even setup and build the multigym for you at your own home.
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