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New Treadmill the best selling BodyTrain T1000 has a new design and new styling and comes with free delivery from stock and a one year warranty.

The all new design continues on this new treadmill BodyTrain already have a best seller on their hands with its hi-tech LCD display that is large and has a unique running track on the display to show progress, it's stylish too. Stylish handlebar controls have been added to control the speed (increase and decrease) as well as uniquely start and stop.

Modern Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

BodyTrain T1000 New Treadmill.

Handlebar pulse sensors have been made larger (and more shiny) and now easily fit your hands whilst to hold the handlebars, the pulse is used to determine the heart rate which is then displayed on the large LCD display.

A new hydraulic folding system has been used to make folding the treadmill up easy and requiring no physical strength to fold or unfold, when folded this new treadmill takes up much less space around your home.

12 newly designed workout programmes use the latest scientific thinking on exercise, heart rate control, toning, and weight loss to give you exercise programmes that are the quickest route to achieving your workout goals.

In the folded position there are even transport wheels that let you move the treadmill round your home with ease (just by pushing the treadmill when in its folded up position).

If your looking for a new treadmill then the best selling BodyTrain T1000 new treadmill with free delivery is a great deal.
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