NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Lifetime Frame Warranty The Original Cross Trainer.

The NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the original cross trainer and when you look at the quality and strength of this cross trainer you can see why NordicTrack are the leaders they even guarantee the frame for a lifetime and have a 2 years parts and labour guarantee.
NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer, Lifetime Frame Warranty.

Lifetime Frame Warranty, The Original Cross Trainer.

The NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer is so very well built it's the cross trainer that's going to last a lifetime it's practically unbreakable, so very solid and hardwearing and designed to give you a complete workout.

The NordicTrack E10 Elliptical Cross Trainer features an 18 inch stride length so if you have long legs you won't feel cramped like your unable to stretch your legs whilst cross training like you can on some smaller cross trainers there's a 6kg flywheel which absorbs all the wobbles and inconsistencies in your cross train motion and creates a smooth action that does not wobble, makes no noise and is consistent.

A silent magnetic resistance system is used to provide the resistance to your efforts on the footplates and this has 20 different levels of resistance and is fully adjustable.

There's 20 exercise programmes built into the combined exercise computer and digital display unit mounted on the handlebars there's 14 performance workouts to strengthen, tone and shape and 6 weightless workouts to help you lose weight in fact with the E10 elliptical cross trainer you can be losing weight in as little as 8 weeks.

The elliptical cross trainer features very wide pedals that are also very long so you have plenty of room top place your feet in the position that most comfortable you won't find your feet up on the safety bar with no room on this huge elliptical cross trainer.
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