Oxford 6040 Folding Rowing Machine fits in your Cupboard.

You want a full featured Rowing Machine at home, but you haven't got the space to store it. The Oxford 6040 Folding Rowing Machine is the answer.

This best selling rowing machine literally folds in half for storage in a cupboard, simply unscrew the hand wheel and the rowing machine folds ready for storage in your cupboard or under your stairs, then when your ready to use your rowing machine, simply straighten and tighten the hand wheel and your Oxford 6040 folding rowing machine is ready for use.

Oxford 6040 Folding Rowing Machine, Store in a Cupboard

Oxford 6040 Folding Rowing Machine.

Just because the Oxford 6040 is a folding rowing machine does not mean that it is not a fully featured rowing machine with all the features your have come to expect from a gym quality rowing machine.

The Oxford 6040 has an exercise computer with built-in display showing stroke count, calories burnt and distance travelled.

The long aluminium rowing beam is super smooth and easy glide for resistance free movement.

The resistance is provided by a magnetic system making the rowing machine silent for home use, air or friction systems found on other rowers are not suitable for home use as they make to much noise.

Get fit and keep your exercise equipment out the way, at home in the cupboard with the Oxford 6040 Folding Rowing Machine.
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