Eight levels of resistance on this silent to use Rowing Machine.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is perfect for home use, the rower uses magnetic resistance to provide the force you pull against with the hand grips and footplates.

Magnetic resistance is silent and so perfect for the home, whilst other makes of rowing machines use fans which are very noisy in the home environment.

Oxford 8000 Red Cheap Rowing Machine

Cheap Rowing Machine.

The rowing machine folds flat for easy storage so it won't take up much room when not being used.

The seat and footplates have been designed to be comfortable whilst you row, your feet won't get sore or slip out of the footplates and your bottom won't get sore either.

Oxford have produced a rowing machine with eight levels of resistance, so simply select the level of resistance or effort that you want for you exercise and row, if you keep an eye on the training computer you will see how many strokes you have done and how many calories you have burned. Simply increase the resistance as you get fitter and stronger.

The Oxford 8000 also has a training computer which displays calories burned and the number of strokes you have done in your exercise session.

Rowing machines offer great cardio vascular exercises for losing weight or staying trim, the rowing machine involves your whole body your hands and arms pull on the hand bar and your feet and legs push against the footplates, this uses both your upper and lower body at the same time, so it's double the exercise value compared with other gym equipment.
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