Vibration Trainer.

Want to improve your mental as well as physical health then buy the DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer.

Did you know that vibration trainers like the DKN XG5 have many positive physiological effects as well as physical health improvements, the vibration trainer increases the production of serotonin which improves your levels of happiness, increased testosterone which makes you feel energised and alive, vibration trainers also reduce stress by reducing production of stress hormones.

Physical and Mental Health Improve DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer

DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer.

The vibration from a vibration trainer is between 30 to 50 Hz which increases blood flow and temperature, increased bone density, increased muscle strength, muscle flexibility, stimulating muscle growth, stimulating brain neuron activity and weight loss.

With all these fantastic benefits just from standing on a vibration trainer isn't it about time you experienced the DKN XG5.

Using a vibration trainer increases your metabolic rate, the increase of the metabolic rate causes you to burn calories faster, metabolic rate is one of the reasons why some people are thin and others are fat, on the same diet.

You can improve your muscle tone with a vibration trainer as vibration trainers develop leaner muscle, vibration trainers improve lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow so there are many benefits of vibration training.

The DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer is incredibly strong made from a carbon reinforced steel frame, the vibration trainer includes an electronic personal coach that will guide you through the exercise programs, the electronic coach is not simply a digital display its a full computer system controlling the vibration trainer and providing 5 different training programs and 7 different frequency settings.

The DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer comes with a instructional DVD, the DKN XG5 Vibration Trainer comes with a 2 year warranty and free delivery, so there's never been a better time to get fit.

The DKN XG 5.0 Vibration Trainer is certified for rehabilitation work with physiotherapists so you know it's a great vibration trainer at a great price.
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