BodyTrain GBD03504 Pilates Machine

If your serious about your Pilates then the BodyTrain GBD03504 Pilates Machine is the best Pilates Reformer available.

Pilates Machines have been hard to find in the UK till now, the BodyTrain GBD03504 has all the straps, springs and pulleys to perform many different Pilates exercises whilst adopting the correct position.

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Pilates Machine.

The frame is made from high quality rigid steel and is more than up to the rigours of Pilates exercises.

With a wide moving area you won't feel restricted or cramped whilst you exercise.

The headrest and shoulder blocks are extremely well padded so you won't get sore no matter how hard you push yourself.

The moving carriage is also very well padded and moves effortlessly thanks to the easy glide bearings.

Different Pilates exercises require different levels of resistance and with the BodyTrain GBD03504 Pilates Machine you can adjust the level of resistance by adjusting the high strength springs, which can both be adjusted for greater or reduced resistance or some springs can be removed for even less resistance.

The end block is made from quality hardwood and gives great stability and firmness, you will feel safe and in control.

The Pilates Machine comes with a 1 year guarantee so whilst you can see from the picture that the construction and materials used are first rate, if you have any problems it's comforting to know that there is a full warranty in place.

If your serious about Pilates then the BodyTrain Pilates Machine is just what the doctor ordered.
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