Airking Pro Popular 12ft Trampoline.

The 12ft AirKing Pro trampoline is a Popular 12ft Trampoline which comes with a safety enclosure, this is a soft netting and foam wall that stops the children falling off, should they bounce against the netting wall, they are gently rebounded back into the centre of the 12ft trampoline.

Another reason that makes this trampoline a popular 12ft trampoline is its super low price at under two hu8ndred pounds for a large 12ft trampoline.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

Popular 12ft AirKing Pro Trampoline.

This popular 12ft trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier, the 12ft trampoline is waterproof too with a metal frame that has been specially coated not to rust, in fact the metalwork has a five year anti rust warranty, so you can leave the trampoline out all year long, in the rain or even snow and it won't rust or fade.

When the weather turns bad and it rains the trampoline surface is made from a special material which shakes off the rain so you and the children can be back bouncing on the trampoline as soon as possible.

With this popular 12ft trampoline you get a free weather cover for when you're not using the 12ft trampoline for a while, you also get a free ladder which allows smaller children to step up onto the trampoline with ease, also included is a spring tensioner which you can use to 'tune your trampoline' for the best bounce.

With eighty springs surrounding the high bounce trampoline area you and the children are sure to have lots of fun bouncing, in fact with a maximum trampoline users weight of nineteen stone you and the children can have a lot of fun on this trampoline without having to worry about your weight.

If you are overweight trampolines are one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise available, the trampoline surface makes for a low impact workout, working all muscle groups, you can trampoline alone or with your children or friends and its good fun too.

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is easy to assemble as it comes with full assembly instructions written in English and not Chinese and there's illustrations and photos to show you each step of assembly plus all the tools you need to assemble your trampoline are included free of charge with the trampoline which is delivered also free of charge by courier.

The trampoline box that everything comes in is small enough that you can ask your neighbour to take delivery without the trampoline filling up their house.

It's recommended that two people assemble the trampoline one person to assemble the parts and the other person to use the tools to secure the parts together and assembly should take approximately one hour if your tackling the job on your own it is possible but will take longer.

Once you have assembled your trampoline you need never assemble the trampoline again as you can leave the trampoline outside all year round summer through to winter as the trampoline is waterproof and won't be damaged by water or sunlight the rubber bounce mat is made from a polypropylene weave which allows rainwater to pass straight through leaving the trampoline dry as soon as it has stopped raining ready for the kids to start playing again.

The trampoline mat won't rot or suffer mildew and the springs won't rust either as they are zinc plated and the trampoline frame won't rust as its galvanised and comes with a five year anti-corrosion warranty.

A safety enclosure is included and this surrounds the outside edge of the trampoline preventing anyone adult or child from falling off the trampoline edge either by getting too close or deliberately trying to jump off the safety enclosure is a physical barrier that will physically push back anyone who falls against the safety enclosure or tries to jump at the safety enclosure.
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