Popular 8ft Trampoline.

The AirKing Pro 8ft Trampoline is a Popular 8ft Trampoline with safety enclosure suitable for children and adults, for use outdoors.

Delivery is free on this popular 8ft trampoline and with a price just over one hundred pounds its an absolute bargain.

8ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro Trampoline with Enclosure

AirKing Pro Popular 8ft Trampoline.

Supplied with a free ladder so smaller children can climb up onto the trampoline easily and a free weather cover to provide weather protection all year round.

As well as the free weather cover which will keep your 8ft trampoline looking good for years, there's also the special treatment that has been applied to all the metal legs and springs on the trampoline, the special hot dip galvanising means that all the metalwork is guaranteed free from rusting for up to five years after purchase, how's that for a great deal.

There's sixty high bounce springs fitted to this 8ft trampoline, and the trampoline mat is rubber elastic giving you an even bigger bounce, made for both children and adults the trampoline has a maximum user weight of nineteen stone, so feel free to get on with your children as long as the total weight is below nineteen stone.

This popular 8ft trampoline is supplied for easy home assembly and comes in several standard size boxes which will fit through a standard size door or garden gate, so you won't have any problems setting up this treadmill in your back or front garden.

The safety enclosure is like a safety fence made from netting and foam which acts like a soft wall around your 8ft trampoline, if you fall against the wall you will be softly and gently pushed back into the centre of the trampoline, then when you have finished trampolining or exercising simply unzip the door in the safety net and climb down the ladder.

With free delivery, free safety enclosure, free ladder and free weather protector this is a very popular 8ft trampoline.

The popular AirKing Pro 8ft trampoline with safety enclosure is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions which are clear and easy to follow with step by step drawings to show you how to assemble the trampoline in pictures as well as in text, the trampoline is delivered free of charge by courier in a flat pack box which can be left with the neighbours if your not at home when the courier delivers your trampoline as the box is not so big that it would cause an inconvenience to your neighbours.

All the tools you need to assemble the trampoline are included in the box as you are not expected to need any of your own tools and do not need any special skills to assemble the trampoline so save yourself the money and assemble the trampoline yourself as the instructions and pictures make assemble easy and one of the reasons this 8ft trampoline has become so popular is AirKing trampolines are very easy to assemble.

You can assemble the trampolines on your own if you wish or with the help of a friend so that assemble will be faster and you won't have to struggle with large parts by yourself.

This 8ft trampoline is waterproof and weatherproof so you only need assemble the trampoline once and you can leave it outside in the garden all year round every year with no need to take the trampoline down each year at the end of the summer in fact if you wrap up warm you can bounce on the trampoline in the middle of winter even when there's snow about as its the perfect way to keep fit all year round.

The trampoline frame is made fro metal and will hold the weight of a 24 stone user this is a strong trampoline with proper metal legs and not plastic legs like on some inferior trampolines.
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