8ft slate bed pool table with real 1 inch thick slate.

Premium 8ft Slate Bed Pool Table with professional grade cloth and real 1 inch thick slate, wooden construction and leather drop pockets make this a stunning table, buy today and play pool tomorrow.

This large pool table has a very solid construction with four large wooden legs and one inch thick slate, the table does not feel flimsy or wobbly in any way, there is no way that you will feel any wobble or movement on this pool table.

Premium 8ft Slate Bed Pool Table

Slate Bed Pool Table.

The professional grade cloth has been designed to give just the right amount of pace to the ball. The cushions give consistent bounce, there's no need to learn the table here, you won't find any foibles or inaccuracies that have to be learned to enjoy a game.

The slate is flat and true and won't counter the effect of your shot in any way.

The beautiful wooden table is finished in a solid wood veneer with beautiful leather drop pockets adding to the look.

If your floor is uneven don't worry as we include wooden wedges to level the slate bed and make it true, the legs can also be levelled to account for an uneven floor.

Supplied with 2 cues and 1 set of pool balls and 1 set of snooker balls and a set of chalks, so no matter what your game pool or snooker you can enjoy both on this quality slate table.

Play pool or snooker on this 8ft slate bed table, ideal for families.
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