ProTrain9000 Fitness Treadmills.

The ProTrain9000 Fitness Treadmills have built-in speakers so you can plug in your MP3 and CD player and listen to music whilst you run on the treadmill.

It's perfect for people who don't like listening to music through headphones, people who don't want the tangled mess of wires that you get with headphones, with the wires tangling ever more as you run.

ProTrain9000 Fitness Treadmills with Built-in Speakers for CD/MP3 Players

With Built-in Speakers for CD/MP3 Players.

With the ProTrain9000 Fitness Treadmills you can simply plug-in your favourite MP3 player or CD player and listen to music through the treadmill.

The treadmill includes a volume control right in front of you on the touch screen.

The treadmill also has a ionising fan which generates ionised air whilst you run, ionised air is like the air you get at waterfalls or after it rains, that fresh air, that alive feeling you get from fresh air, well with the ProTrain9000 you can have that fresh air feeling every time you use your treadmill.

The ProTrain9000 is a folding treadmill, with hydraulic motors that automatically fold the treadmill for you, so it's simple to store, and it's on wheels so you can move the treadmill when folded next to a wall or other storage area to keep it out of the way when not in use.

With a top speed of 16 kph or 10 mph the treadmill is no slouch either, of course you can select any one of the 14 different running programmes available, from gently walking to uphill running.

With pulse sensors in the handlebars, your heart rate is recorded and displayed on the screen so you can see exactly how hard you are working.

With all these great features including automatic folding, wheels, speakers and air ioniser as well as a top of the range 14 program treadmill you really should consider the ProTrain9000 Fitness Treadmill.
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