Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer.

Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer with Adjustable Stride Length of 13 to 18 Inches and Folding Elliptical Trainer Design.

The Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer has an adjustable stride length of 13 to 18 inches which means that if you have long legs or short legs you can adjust the length of stride that's possible on the Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer if the stride length is too short your legs won't stretch out enough when you exercise and your feel like your not exercising fully and may even get cramps tall people generally suffer from this on fixed stride elliptical trainers because they can't make any adjustment for their height and shorter people on a fixed stride length cross trainer will feel like their legs are being stretched further than comfortable but with the Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer you can adjust the stride length to fit you perfectly.
Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer, Adjustable Stride Length of 13 to 18 Inches.

Adjustable Stride Length of 13 to 18 Inches, Folding Elliptical Trainer.

The Proform 500 ZLE Cross Trainer has a folding design when in use it's a full size elliptical cross trainer and when you fold the elliptical pedals upwards and the rear body forwards the elliptical trainer takes just one third of the space it does when its in use making the elliptical trainer very easy to store and now its possible for everyone to have a full size elliptical trainer in their home no matter what size room they have.

On the front of the elliptical trainer below the digital display your find a CoolAire workout fan this fan directs cool air directly towards you and you can adjust the speed of the fan and turn the fan off when not required so your always stay cool no matter how hard you exercise or how hot a day it is.

There's also built in speakers just below the digital display so you can plug in your MP3 or iPod these are not normal stereo speakers they are branded Intermix Acoustics Speakers for excellent sound reproduction whilst you exercise so you don't have to wear sweaty headphones in your ears or cope with headphones falling off as you exercise any more.
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