Proform 505ZLE Cross Trainer.

Proform 505ZLE Cross Trainer with iFit SD Technology, Cooling Fan, Stereo Speakers and Powered Incline.

The Proform 505ZLE Cross Trainer comes with iFit SD Technology so you can save your exercise programmes and exercise statistics like speed, time, pulse rate, power, calories and distance to the SD card and upload the SD card to the iFit website where you can compete against other exercisers from around the world to see who can lose weight quickest or be the fastest on the cross trainer and many more competitive and supportive actions.
Proform 505ZLE Cross Trainer, iFit SD Technology.

iFit SD Technology, Cooling Fan, Stereo Speakers, Powered Incline.

The Proform 505ZLE Cross Trainer also comes with a cooling fan built into the elliptical trainer so you won't get hot and can blow cold air over you whilst you're exercising, you can adjust the speed of the fan and turn the fan off too there's also stereo speakers built into the console so you can plug ion your MP3 player or iPod and enjoy music out of the speakers rather than worry about headphones falling off as you exercise or sweaty ear buds.

There's also a powered incline where you can work different muscle groups by altering on the control panel buttons how much of a hill you should cross train on as well as you being able to adjust the incline manually either when your just using the elliptical trainer in manual mode and even when your using the elliptical trainer on a programme you can always override the resistance level and the incline the exercise programme has automatically set so your always feel safe and in control.

There's wireless heart rate measurements too so if you have a wireless heart rate watch or wireless chest strap or any other wireless heart rate or pulse rate monitor your be able to see your devices heart rate or pulse rate on the elliptical trainer screen.

The front wheel is a 6kg flywheel ensuring a smooth and steady elliptical action that does not wobble or feel mechanical and by having the flywheel at the front the elliptical paddles can be closer together giving a more natural striding action.
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