Pure Fitness Sports Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Pure Fitness Sports Elliptical Cross Trainer with 12 Motivational Programmes for Fat Burn, Cardio, Endurance and Rolling Hills.

The Pure Fitness Sports Elliptical Cross Trainer is designed to keep you interested in exercising with 12 different exercise programmes that provide plenty of variety so you won't get bored and designed to offer different exercise programmes for different exercise goals like weight loss, fat burn, strength, healthy heart and more.
Pure Fitness Sports Elliptical Cross Trainer, 12 Motivational Programmes.

12 Motivational Programmes, Fat Burn, Cardio, Endurance, Rolling Hills

The digital display is graphical and the legend below the digital display shows the 12 exercise programmes drawn out as different height bar charts depicting the resistance levels and intensity of the exercise programmes so just by looking at the legend you can see the types of exercise programmes and which one you might prefer as from the graphics its easy to see which one has the steep hills and which one is mostly flat etc.

The digital display shows your calories, time, distance, speed, power and pulse rate the pulse rate is measured from a pulse sensor that's inside the handlebars, just hold the handlebars and the pulse rate will be sensed and displayed on screen and your see a warning on screen should your pulse rate rise too high.

Transport wheels at the back of the elliptical trainer make the trainer easy to move around your home so when not in use you can easily push the trainer into a corner of the room.

The height of the legs may be independently adjusted from a thumbwheel height adjuster located on the bottom of the legs this is so you can adjust the individual legs to sit on an uneven floor without the elliptical trainer rocking or vibrating.

Delivery is free of charge, there's a two year guarantee and a 30 days money back guarantee trial.
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