Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer.

Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer with Handlebar Pulse Measurement and Polar Chest Belt Measuring Too.

When you buy the Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer your buying a brand name that's tough and built to last and comes with a two year guarantee and free delivery plus all the extras that make the cross trainer useful like built in handlebar pulse sensors that measure your pulse rate and calculate your heart rate without the need for any extra sensors also included is a Polar chest strap to monitor your heart rate directly as you exercise, there's no wires as the Polar chest strap communicates with the Reebok cross trainer wirelessly.
Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer, Handlebar Pulse Measurement.

Handlebar Pulse Measurement, Polar Chest Belt Measuring Too

The Reebok C5.7e Cross Trainer has very large handlebars so there's plenty of room top hold the handlebars no matter your height and the handlebars have a generous soft grip covering that really does make moving the elliptical handlebars backwards and forwards easier there's a water bottle and water bottle holder included too and this is mounted within easy hand reach when your standing on the cross trainer pedals.

A rear mounted flywheel gives plenty of momentum and smoothes out your individual pedal actions to create a smooth and natural feeling cross trainer action that's vibration free so you won't get tired so quickly.

Twelve exercise programmes are built into the exercise computer and these help keep your motivation and help you achieve various exercise goals like losing weight, burning fart, cardiovascular activity, strength training and shaping and toning.

With a large 16 inch stride length there's plenty of room for even the longest of legs so you won't feel like your not able to stretch your legs or only getting half the exercise you should.

The resistance system used is completely electronic there's no manual dials to turn or levers to adjust you can adjust the resistance level from buttons on the digital display and the built in exercise programmes will automatically adjust the resistance levels too so you get a compete workout.
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