Reebok Cross Trainer C5.1e.

Reebok Cross Trainer C5.1e with Large 20KG Flywheel and Solid Build Quality.

The Reebok Cross Trainer C5.1e has a large 20kg rear mounted flywheel which is double the size of flywheel that Reebok's competitors use but it makes all the difference in use as your cross training movement feels smooth and not bumpy or mechanical you get less tired as the action is so smooth.
Reebok Cross Trainer C5.1e, Large 20KG Flywheel.

Large 20KG Flywheel, Solid Build Quality.

The Reebok Cross Trainer C5.1e is a very strong all steel frame elliptical cross trainer that comes with a two year warranty so any problems and your get a free repair or replacement for two years.

There's 9 exercise programmes built in and these are designed both for strength training and weight loss with some interesting target programs where you can enter on the keypad your target pulse rate and the cross trainer will automatically adjust the resistance on the pedals up and down to maintain that pulse rate the same with the ergo meter or power meter which measures your effort in watts you can set the cross trainer to maintain a specific watt level and the resistance level will be adjusted to maintain the power (watts) you have selected.

There's a good endurance exercise programme which will slowly warm you up before it goes into endurance mode and then at the end of endurance mode there's a cool down period so you can completely rely on the cross trainer not only to give you that pore exercise warm up but to cool you down afterwards the exercise programme takes all the worry out of warming up and cooling down properly as essentially the elliptical trainer is doing it for you.

Large pulse sensors are included ion the handlebars just hold the handlebars for your pulse rate and heart rate (calculated) to be displayed on the screen.
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