Treadmill colours available include white, blue, black, pink and orange

The Reebok I-Run Treadmill, requires no assembly, simply take it out of the box, plug it into the electrical socket and start running.

The unique space saving design makes the Reebok I-Run Treadmill the most beautiful treadmill ever, when not in use, it simply folds away, have a look at the photos and see how the whole running deck simply folds out of the way, you can use this treadmill in any room in your home, it's that beautiful and it's design is so space saving.

Reebok I-Run Treadmill, No Assembly Required, Space Saving Design

Reebok I-Run Treadmill

The Reebok I-Run is also available in a range of beautiful colours that you just cannot find on any other make of treadmill, the treadmill is available in white, blue, black, pink and orange.

For the white treadmill think sleek sophisticated yet simple to use design, think iPod.

For the blue treadmill think cool, a great mans colour.

For the black treadmill think designer treadmill.

For the pink treadmill think a girls treadmill, a very girlie treadmill.

For the orange treadmill think modern.

As well as being the most space saving treadmill we have ever seen, this treadmill will fit into any home no question, and as well as being the most beautiful treadmill we have ever seen, the Reebok I-Run treadmill has a full set of features making this a superb choice.

With 6 built in running profiles and the option to save your own customised running profile designed by you.

With a top speed of 14km per hour or 9mph you won't find this treadmill lacking in the speed department.

No need to assemble anything just take the treadmill out of the box, plug into an electrical socket and start running, and the I-Run is so small when folded away that it will even fit under your bed, never before have we seen a treadmill like it.

When the treadmill is folded either store straight up vertical where the treadmill takes up no room or place the treadmill on it's side and slide it under the bed, a very small treadmill indeed when folded away, and yet when in use a full size treadmill with all the features you could want.

The frame has a lifetime warranty and a 2 year onsite parts and labour warranty on all other components.

If the treadmill fails within two years an engineer will visit your home to fix it.

The I-Run treadmill is available with free delivery.
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