Reebok Folding Treadmill.

Looking for a Space Saving Treadmill that you can truly use in any size home, whether you live in a bedsit, flat, apartment or house of any size you have enough room for the amazing Reebok i-Run Plus Space Saving Folding Treadmill.

This space saving treadmill folds upright when not in use, but better than that in its upright position it occupies no space at all, you could really store this treadmill under the stairs, behind a door, in the bathroom or downstairs loo, when folded it really is that small as all the size is moved to the vertical position.

Reebok i-Run Plus Space Saving Folding Treadmill

Reebok i-Run Plus.

It's not just the most space saving treadmill ever made, it's a shear work of art, it's the most beautiful treadmill ever made and it won't look out of place in any modern home. If Apple Computers made treadmills I'm sure they would look as beautiful and be as easy to use as the Reebok i-Run Plus.

The looks of this folding treadmill are so amazing and the treadmill is so easy to use, whether you are exercise everyday gym bunny or a once a week exercise running or walking person the Reebok i-Run Plus is for you, use it all the time and if you have the room you can leave it unfolded, use it occasionally and you can fold the treadmill up after every use, it's simply a matter of unlocking the treadmill and pushing the treadmill deck into the upright position, the treadmill deck slides effortlessly into and out of the upright position so it won't cause you any folding or unfolding problems.

You can even put this space saving treadmill under the bed, it really is that small when folded, but don't let it's folded size convince you that it is somehow a low specification treadmill or that it is not tough and up to the job of a hard pounding as you run, the Reebok i-Run Plus has a powerful 1.75HP electric motor and can support a runner with a maximum body weight of 16 stone or 140 kg.
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