Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S.

Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S Available In Black, Blue, Green and Pink Colours for Modern, Stylish Home Exercise.

The Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S is a modern and stylish home exercise elliptical trainer available in a range of modern colours from conventional black to day glow green and modern pinks and blues choose the colour you like best and start exercising at home to stay fit or lose weight.
Reebok iSeries CV iTrainer.S, Available In Black, Blue, Green, Pink Colours.

Available In Black, Blue, Green, Pink Colours, Modern, Stylish Home Exercise.

Whichever colour you pick your find the elliptical cross trainer has a full specification including dual handlebars and easy turn resistance adjustment the dual handlebars are so you can work the lower body separately from the full body exercise use the fixed handlebars for a step machine like action which shapes, tones, strengthens and reduces fat on thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, tummies and hips and use the moving handlebars for exercise on the shoulders, arms and stomach as well as the lower body.

On the soft touch handlebars your find stainless steel sensors hold these sensors and your pulse rate will be displayed on screen whilst you exercise, your get a warning on screen if your pulse falls too low or rises too high.

The digital display as well as showing your heart rate also shows the calories you have burned from exercising, its a real time measurement so if you exercise faster or harder then the calorie consumption will increase, its a fun way to exercise to set yourself a goal like burning 300 calories and then continuing to exercise until you have achieved your goal.

The digital display also shows the time you have been exercising so you can count up to your daily goal of say 30 minutes you can also see the distance you have cross trained on screen although with static exercise equipment for the home this is as approximation.
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