Reebok iTrainer 1.1 Cross Trainer.

Reebok iTrainer 1.1 Cross Trainer with Four Handlebars and Pulse Rate Measurement Included.

The Reebok iTrainer 1.1 Cross Trainer has four handlebars divided into two sets a fixed set of handlebars that don't move and a moving set of handlebars, the fixed set of handlebars provide a step machine action exercising your lower body and shaping and toning legs, thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach muscles and calf muscles and the moving handlebars add to this the upper body shoulders and arms so you can get just a lower body exercise or a full body exercise.
Reebok iTrainer 1.1 Cross Trainer, Four Handlebars.

Four Handlebars, Pulse Rate Measurement Included.

On the handlebars your find stainless steel pulse sensors hold these and your pulse will be sensed in your hands and displayed on the digital display which is mounted between the two sets of handlebars.

There's a variable resistance knob which adjusts how hard it is to move the pedals up and down the knob is located directly in front of you when you're standing on the elliptical trainer and is a simple twist left for less resistance and twist right for more resistance.

The flywheel is rear mounted and gives maximum stability and makes the elliptical trainer vibration free with every stroke feeling fluid and natural.

The large 'H' frame legs ensure the elliptical trainer sits flat on your floor no matter what the surface carpet, wood or tiles and will not fall sideways as the frame legs are especially sideways so you have maximum stability regardless of your size or weight.

On the handlebars your find a large LCD display that shows you all your elliptical training statistics at once as there are multiple display areas so you don't have to wait for a slow scanning mode to show you your time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate.

With the calorie consumption you simply enter your weight before you start exercising so the calorie consumption will be accurate and then watch as the calories count up in real time a great way to lose weight and have fun loosing weight.
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