7ft Pool Tables for Sale.

Regal Deluxe produce the best 7ft Pool Table included with the pool table is everything you need to start playing pool, balls, cues, triangle and chalk.

The 7ft Pool Table is a large pool table built to a very high quality, it's strong and solid and the butterfly legs won't wobble even in the toughest games.

Regal Deluxe 7ft Pool Table For Sale

Regal Deluxe 7ft Pool Table.

The feet are adjustable so you can compensate for an uneven floor, raising or lowering the feet to make the table level, with the Regal Deluxe there's no balls rolling by themselves because the table is crooked, if you didn't strike the ball, it's not going to move, this table is solid.

With 1 set of pool balls, 2 cues, one triangle and 2 pieces of chalk, you have everything you need to play pool.

The balls are standard spots and stripes that you will be familiar with from down the pool hall.

Not only is this pool table highly functional, it also looks great too, with a smart wooden finish that won't look out of place in the smartest of homes.

If your not using the pool table for a while, the legs detach for easy storage, simply remove the legs and you can lean the pool table against a wall or in a cupboard or garage out the way.

To top it all off a genuine felt cloth and cushions ensures authentic play.
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