Resistance Band Set.

Resistance Band Kit including 3 different bands, light resistance, medium resistance and strong resistance bands, the kit includes resistance band exercise instructions featuring 27 different resistance band exercises.

The resistance band kit includes resistance band handles which attach to each of the resistance bands so you can easily hold the bands in your hands.

Resistance Band Kit, 3 Bands, Light, Medium, Strong, 27 Exercises Book

Resistance Band Kit

You can do resistance band exercises standing up and sitting down, you can do resistance band exercises with your hands, with your arms, with your legs and with your feet, there's not one other piece of simple gym equipment that is so versatile, this cheap resistance band kit has all you need to get started even if you have never used a resistance band before.

The colour instructions show you 27 different resistance bands exercises for you to try, the exercises included work the whole body from you arms, to your legs to your thighs to your feet.

Simply clip on the resistance band handles and get started, resistance bands are for both men and women, just visit your local gym to see resistance bands in use by both sexes.

With three different band resistances to choose from you can choose the resistance that best fits your current exercise level, from the light resistance for just starting and gentle toning to the strong resistance for vigorous exercise.

If you normally go to the gym for exercise but have to stay home for a while or are travelling and can't keep up with your normal gym regime then resistance bands are a great way to continue toning and exercising, you can do many similar exercises to what you would normally do with free weights or resistance machines.

These giant elastic bands look funny at first, but you soon get used to it and the handles are certainly a plus, older style resistance bands didn't have handles so with those old style bands you needed a firm grip, with these modern resistance bands you won't have such troubles.
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