Folding Table Tennis Table.

Made by Tectonic this Folding Table Tennis Table folds away for easy storage in a garage or shed or flat against a wall, and the wheels which only touch the ground (so no rolling away when your playing table tennis) when the table tennis table is folded.

There's an easy locking mechanism which locks the table open for playing or unlocks the table for folding and storage.

Table Tennis Table - Rollaway Indoor Table : Folding Table Tennis Table

Rollaway Table Tennis Table.

The high density clipboard is 16mm thick that's 0.62 inches or 1.6 centimetres, so a nice thick table that provides great bounce for your table tennis balls.

The locking mechanism is double locking, that's two locking mechanisms for open and two locking mechanisms for closed so there's no change of the table folding when your playing table tennis or springing open when the table is folded closed.

No need to worry about a separate table tennis net or post as the net and posts are permanently mounted on the table tennis table, and not flimsy nets and posts that keep falling off like other makes of table tennis table, also for younger children there's no danger of losing the net or posts as they are permanently and securely mounted to the table.

The legs are made from tough scratch and rust resistant steel so the table tennis table will stay looking good for years and will always provide sturdy and rigid play.

There's a two year guarantee on all parts so you know Tectonic are confident your table tennis table will last for years.

The big wheels let you move the table easily, you can easily move the table around your house or garden, even over the grass if you wish as the big wheels make moving the table easy.

All table tennis tables sold in England must conform to the European Directive EN 14468-1, which of course this table tennis table does, so don't buy a table that's not up to specification!
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