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The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is a Magnetic Rowing Machine this Rowing Machine Sale includes free delivery.

Looking for a super quiet rowing machine so you can watch television or listen to music or the radio while you exercise, then buy the Oxford 8000 rowing machine as it has a super silent magnetic resistance system, which means the resistance to your stroke that you feel when pulling the rowing cord comes from a magnetic system which is fully adjustable by turning the large resistance knob located on the centre console.

Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine, Store Under The Stairs

Magnetic Rowing Machine.

This fashionable and distinctive rowing machine is light silver in colour with a beautiful red highlight making the Oxford 8000 a rowing machine that will look good in anyone elegant home.

The footplates have footstraps which hold your feet in firmly, the straps are fully adjustable for big and small feet and have a quick release action because we know how after you have given it your all on the rowing machine its important to get your feet out of the straps as quickly as possible.

When you have finished exercising for the day, you will welcome a rowing machine thats small and does not take up much room in the house, the Oxford rowing machine for sale folds up into a rowing machine half its size, the long aluminium beam folds making this rowing machine very easy to store.

There's a comfortable non slip seat for your bottom because we know how sore your bottom can get on a flat and hard rowing machine seat.

The training computer displays time, calories and number of strokes, so if your weight watching the calorie counter will come in very handy.

The Oxford 8000 rowing machine is for sale ready built and delivered for free.
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