Heart Rate Monitor

Running Machines with Heart Rate Monitor like the BodyTrain T1200 have become best sellers, they are easy to use and even fold up for easy storage.

Built into the handlebars of running machines with heart rate monitors are sensors that automatically measure your heart rate by reading your pulse, the heart rate is then displayed on a digital display which is mounted in front of the runner or walker on the running machine.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

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As well as displaying your heart rate the running machine will also warn you when your heart rate is above a safe level or below a safe level and all the time you run oir walk you can see your heart rate displayed on the digital display.

The BodyTrain T1200 comes with fourteen different exercise programmes including heart rate control exercise programmes, here the exercise programme directly reads your heart rate as recorded by the heart rate sensors built into the handlebars and uses the heart rate reading to adjust the exercise programme to suit your heart rate, increasing the effort level and thereby increasing your heart rate or reducing the effort level and thereby reducing your heart rate automatically to give you a custom made exercise programme just like you had hired a personal trainer.

The running machine will push you and your heart rate where needed and relax the training where your heart rate shows you are already working hard, this ensures you get the best exercise possible by customising the treadmill to your body and level of fitness.

There's three different digital displays on the BodyTrain T1200 console so you can always see your heart rate without having to press extra buttons or take your eyes of your running.
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