Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer.

Review of the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer with Adjustable Stride Length on this Semi Commercial Elliptical Trainer.

If your tall you will have a large stride, that's the distance between your two feet when you take a step forward when your walking, the taller you are the larger your stride length because you have longer legs.
Body Sculpture BE-6760 Elliptical Trainer, High Specification.

High Specification, Touch Sensitive Screen, Pulse Sensors, Calorie Counter.

On an elliptical trainer if you have too small a stride length where your own natural stride length is forced smaller by the elliptical trainer your find your get tired more quickly with aching and sore feet as well as finding yourself hitting the back of the cross trainer body with your feet as you take a stride and finding that you have to stand on the very edge of the elliptical trainer pedal just to get enough room for your feet, in fact often standing on the safety guard on the pedal just for more room, if that sounds like you when your exercising on a cross trainer then you need a cross trainer with a bigger stride length like the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer.

The SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer not only has an adjustable stride length so you can easily adjust the length of stride length you want from a small stride length to a large stride length and everything in between but you also get a semi commercial elliptical trainer which is in use in gyms and sports clubs around the country because the SEG 1636 Elliptical Trainer is very hard wearing.

It's strong, made from metal (your be surprised how many elliptical trainers are plastic these days which don't last and won't survive if you lose your footing and come down a b it hard on the cross trainer), so you can rest assured that your get years of exercise without any problems and if you do there's a two year warranty where an engineer will come out to your own home or business and make a repair or replace the elliptical trainer.
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