Semi-Professional Table Football Table.

Want a Table Football Table the whole family can enjoy the Semi-Professional Table Football Table by Garlando F1 is designed for home, club or school use and comes with the manufacturers two year warranty for total satisfaction guaranteed.

Garlando have been making quality table football tables since 1954 so they certainly know a thing or two about table football tables. The Garlando table football table is made from 15mm or 1.5cm thick cherry wood effect cabinet that won't look out of place in any home.

Semi-Professional Family Table Football Table Garlando F1

Garlando F1 Table Football Table.

The football table comes with four strong legs each of which have leg levellers to compensate for an uneven floor and to ensure the playing surface is perfectly flat, so don't worry if your floors are uneven the Garlando football table levellers will compensate.

The playing bars are 13mm or 1.3cm in diameter and are telescopic ensuring the best playing experience. The playing bar ends have an extra thick and extra safe grip to ensure you don't get hurt on the playing bar no matter how vigorous your football playing.

The football players are fixed to the playing rods and the players are one of two colours making for a proper football team challenge. Play in football formation 3-4-3 for super fast and exciting game play with this semi-professional table football, it's semi-professional because of it's beautiful cabinet design and levelling legs.

At each playing end there is a goal counter which can be set from 0 to 10 goals so it's easy to keep track of the score. Flick the football through the goal and the football is soon back in play as there are football exit points at each end of the table. Included with the table football table are too scale but lifelike footballs for you to start playing table football with immediately.

All the table surfaces can be wiped clean so the occasional spill or mess won't put an end to the Garlando football table. Your football table is delivered free of charge and it's packed well so the beautiful Garlando table will always look good. The size of the table football table is 3.96 feet by 2 feet by 2.62 feet or 47.6 inches by 24 inches by 31.4 inches or 121cm x 61cm x 80cm.
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