Heart Rate Belt Strap that works with all makes and models of exercise equipment.

The Sigma Sport Heart Rate Chest Strap works with all makes and models of exercise equipment, with easy to change batteries and wireless operation.

Some heart rate chest straps have batteries that can only be changed by the manufacture, you actually have to send the heart rate strap away for the batteries to be changed, not with the Sigma Sport heart rate chest strap with easy change batteries.

Sigma Heart Rate Chest Strap, Works with All Equipment

Sigma Heart Rate Chest Strap

Other makes of heart rate chest strap are what's called 'coded' to only work with one make of equipment or one type of equipment such as treadmills, this is just the manufacturer trying to tie you in to buying their heart rate straps, but with the Sigma Sport heart rate chest strap you can use it with any make and any type or model of equipment.

The Sigma chest strap is built to ECG strap standards, that's a high precision of heart rate monitoring used in hospitals and by the medical profession.

The best thing about heart rate chest straps is that it keeps your hands free, on most makes of equipment you have to hold the handlebars which contain a pulse sensor to measure your heart rate, this means that your hands must be occupied holding the handlebars, and not many people like to exercise using the handlebars, it's certainly a very unnatural way to run on a treadmill whilst holding the handlebars.

With a heart rate chest strap your hands are free to do whatever you like, on a treadmill you will probably want to use your arms for momentum as you run, on a crosstrainer you can concentrate on good posture and balance keeping your arms at your sides without having to worry about handlebar heart sensors.

Also most handlebar sensors are notoriously inaccurate, the Sigma Sport ECG precision heart rate chest strap is designed to be highly accurate.

Exercise with your hands free using the Sigma Sport Heart Rate Chest Strap.
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