SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer.

SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensors Built In and 8 Step Adjustable Resistance Level.

The SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer has hand pulse sensors built into the handgrips so all you need do to see your pulse rate on the elliptical trainer screen is hold the handgrips and with 8 steps of adjustable resistance you can start exercising with a lower level (1) or resistance and slowly increase the resistance as you get fitter (up to 8).
SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer, Hand Pulse Sensors Built In.

Hand Pulse Sensors Built In, 8 Step Adjustable Resistance Level.

Between the handlebars is a LCD display and exercise computer combined the LCD display shows you the speed you're moving the pedals the time you have been exercising the distance you have travelled by moving the pedals up and down (theoretical distance as this is a home elliptical trainer which does not move), your calorie consumption, your pulse rate and your speed.

Use the calorie consumption to see how many calories your burning in real time, exercise harder and notice your calorie consumption increase you can even set yourself countdown goals where every elliptical training session you want to burn say 300 calories or exercise for 45 minutes or keep a steady pulse rate.

The magnetic resistance system used on the SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer is silent so you can watch television whilst you elliptical train and your viewing won't be interrupting by a noisy elliptical trainer.

There's a 4.5kg flywheel which is reverse mounted and has a two way mechanism so you can pedal forwards or backwards there's no difference from an exercise point of view but some people like top pedal backwards but not all elliptical trainers support this the SixBros 402EA Elliptical Cross Trainer does.

With a 19 stone maximum user weight everyone no matter their size can use the elliptical trainer to lose weight, burn calories and get fit or maintain their fitness level.
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