SixBros 905E Deluxe Cross Trainer.

SixBros 905E Deluxe Cross Trainer with Red and Black Gloss Colour and Stunning Looks.

The award for the cross trainer with the most stunning looks has to go to the SixBros 905E Deluxe Cross Trainer with its piano black gloss body and red gloss panels the SixBros 905E Deluxe Cross Trainer certainly looks fantastic and will have everyone talking and the easy to use large digital display will leave you in no doubt that this is an elliptical trainer that performs as well as it looks.
SixBros 905E Deluxe Cross Trainer, Red and Black Gloss Colour.

Red and Black Gloss Colour, Stunning Looks.

The large easy to use display shows in real time the speed and time as well as the distance cross trained (estimated distance as your not really moving), calories and pulse rate when the exercise program starts your asked to enter your weight and this allows the calorie calculation to be more accurate displaying your calorie loss as you actually lose the calories, cross train faster and watch the calories count up faster its the best way to stay motivated and want to cross train for longer as you can actually see the calories your burning.

The pulse rate is measured through a stainless steel pulse rate sensor inside the handlebars, hold the handlebars and the pulse in your hands is automatically sensed and displayed on screen.

There's 8 levels of resistance to use with level 1 being the easiest and level 89 being the hardest the resistance is provided by a noiseless electronic magnetic resistance system and there's a flywheel mounted at the front of the cross trainer, the advantage of a front mounted flywheel as opposed to a rear mount is that on a front mounted elliptical the pedals can be closer together so you won't feel like your doing the splits with your legs to far apart.

A water bottle is included and this is mounted on the central post within easy reach of your hands when your cross training.

One year warranty and free delivery.
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