Solex Hobby Pro Table Football Game.

Solex Hobby Pro Table Football Game with Electronic Scoring System, Table With Legs.

This is a full size table football game, the table has legs and an electronic scoring system which is easy to read as it features a classic red LED display, the footballers are mounted on the rods with handles on either side of the rod there's two teams one in red football outfits and one in a blue football outfits, the table does not have a high rim or lip like many other table football tables because a high rim prevents smaller children from seeing the action even if they can reach the rods.
Solex Hobby Pro Table Football Game, Electronic Scoring System.

Electronic Scoring System, Table With Legs.

The football team is arranged as a classic 1-2-5-3 layout and ensures you always have a man near the action and that the ball won't be going into any quiet areas where you don't have a man available.

The cabinet is classic arcade nostalgia with lots of exciting graphics on the side of the cabinet and even a hole in the side of the cabinet for throw ins.

The table has two balls and a rod with a separate goalie and with a table weight of 3.3 stone (21 kg) the table is strong and sturdy but not impossible to move if you need to move the table around your home.

The stainless steel rods are fixed into the cabinet so they won't be any accidents with rods falling out and the rods have comfortable, thick rubber handles which make game play easy even for the smallest of children.

Revive memories of your youth playing table football and introduce the children to this classic and exciting indoor game.

The strong wooden legs and wooden cabinet with stainless steel rods ensures that your get many years of service out of the table and with free delivery and a one year warranty plus a heavily discounted price your getting a great deal.
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