Splashstar 12ft x 20ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump.

Splashstar 12ft x 20ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump the Garden Swimming Pool with Safety Weather Cover Included.

This is a large oval swimming pool that you can put up in your garden for use by both adults and children, you don't need to dig a hole as the swimming pool has its own frame and is self supporting, in just 40 minutes your have your pool assembled and be filling it with a hosepipe.
Splashstar 12ft x 20ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump, Garden Swimming Pool.

Garden Swimming Pool, Safety Weather Cover Included.

This outdoor swimming pool is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide and 4 feet high so there's plenty of room for the whole family to give you an idea of how big this pool is to fill the pool up to 80% full (because your want a gap at the top of the pool so the water doesn't slosh out when you get in) takes 19,350 litres of water that's 5,111 gallons of water so your need to use a hosepipe to fill it up and with a quick release valve you can attach a hosepipe to drain the water away when you want to empty the pool.

Included with the pool is a filter pump that has a capacity of 2,000 litres per hour and will filter out any leaves or grass cuttings that might have fallen into the water also included is a weather cover that will keep debris like leaves and grass cuttings out of the water and will also provide a safety cover for pets and children when the pool is not in use.

The pool is dark blue in colour with white coloured metal side supports for stability and a white coloured water filter.

A tubular steel ladder with high impact resistant footplates is included to make climbing in and out of the swimming pool easy for everyone and with a 12 month guarantee on the pool and free delivery there's no more to pay.
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