Splashstar 12ft x 24ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump.

Splashstar 12ft x 24ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump the Quick Assemble, Huge Swimming Pool.

If your looking for the biggest outdoor swimming pool that you can assemble yourself then have a look at this huge swimming pool its oval in shape so nice and safe with no corners and has a filter pump to keep the water clean and with side supporting struts this pool is safe and stable and won't wobble all over the place like some temporary pools.
Splashstar 12ft x 24ft x 48in Oval Pool Set with Filter Pump, Quick Assemble.

Quick Assemble, Huge Swimming Pool.

There's quick release valves to let the water out quickly so you're not waiting all day for the pool to empty when you decide to pack the pool away and to give you some idea of just how big this swimming pool is it has a length of 24 foot and width of 12 feet and a height of 48 inches or 4 feet and holds a staggering 23,339 litres of water at just 80% capacity that's 6,165 gallons of water.

This is a quick assembly swimming pool for home use in the garden and comes with a filter pump that's capable of pumping 2,000 litres of water per hour to keep even the dirtiest of outdoor swimming pools clean so if your always finding the pool is full of grass cuttings then this is the swimming pool to buy.

A swimming pool ladder is included with this outdoor pool and the steps on the ladder are non slip and have a metal frame for strength, the frame is plastic coated so it won't rust.

There's a weather cover which as well as stopping rain getting into the pool will keep debris out of the pool like leaves and twigs as well as keeping cats or dogs away and keeping the pool safe from children when not in use, as with a pool cover children won't be able to get inside unattended.

Also included is a nylon groundsheet which prevents the underside of the portable swimming pool from being damaged and also means that you can place the swimming pool on any type of ground surface from grass to soil to sand or paving slabs and concrete.

There's a one year warranty and free delivery on the Splashstar 12ft x 24ft x 48in Oval Pool.
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