Splashstar 12ft x 30in Steel Frame Pool Set.

Splashstar 12ft x 30in Steel Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Free Ladder, Weather Cover and Groundsheet.

This outdoor swimming pool is for adults and children, its 12 feet in diameter and has a steel frame so can be assembled on your lawn or concrete area and does not need any holes dug or any preparation simply insert the metal poles that make up the frame through the swimming pool liner and use a hosepipe to fill up your pool.
Splashstar 12ft x 30in Steel Frame Pool Set, Filter Pump.

Filter Pump, Free Ladder, Weather Cover, Groundsheet.

The pool liner is 3 ply (3 separate sheets that are joined together to make the one liner) which is made from woven polyester and is very strong and will resist tares and rips the metal frame has a powder coated finish that makes it rust proof and the easylock frame system means the pool is fast to assemble and with a flow control valve the pool is easy to empty, simply attach a hosepipe to the valve and the water will drain away through the hosepipe.

The garden pool is 12 foot in diameter and 2.5 feet high and holds 6,500 litres (1,717 gallons of water) when filled to the 80% mark (you don't need to fill the pool with water by more than 80% because the water will rise when everyone gets in the pool or starts splashing).

Included is a 2,000 litre per hour filter pump which will filter away any debris in the water like grass cuttings from lawn mowing or leaves from trees to help keep debris out of the pool a weather cover is also included which as well as keeping grass and leaves out of your pool prevents pets or children from entering the water when you don't want to use the pool.

A large swimming pool ladder is included which makes climbing into the pool very easy for everyone from children to the elderly and a nylon groundsheet is also provided, put this under the swimming pool to prevent anything sharp or uneven tearing or ripping the bottom of the pool.

The pool is dark blue in colour with metal poles that have been treated against rust and are white in colour.

Delivery is free and there's a one year warranty on the electrical components and a 3 month warranty on the pool liner.
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