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The BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill is a Starter Treadmill which is very easy to use.

At 200 pounds this starter treadmill is a best seller.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill.

If your looking for a starter treadmill you will find the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill an ideal exercise machine, with a large running deck you feel safe and secure that you won't wonder off the treadmill, this is a common worry of people starting to use treadmills for the first time.

The large hand rails ensure that you always have a strong and secure hand rail to hold onto, another comforting feature for treadmill beginners.

This starter treadmill even folds flat for easy storage, the transport wheels let you move the treadmill around from room to room when folded.

The big emergency stop button and emergency stop cord provide treadmill beginners with safety assurances that they can stop the treadmill quickly in the event of problems or feeling unsure.

If you're buying this treadmill as a family treadmill and want it to be of use by the whole family, young and old you will be happy to know that the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 14 stone, so it's a treadmill the whole family can use.

You're not exercising alone with this starter treadmill, 12 different exercise programmes coach you and give you different and varied courses to run or walk on including, hill walks, hill climbs, flat, circuit, lose weight, build muscle, heart rate monitor and many more exercise programmes designed to help you reach your exercise goals or just to have a quick run or walk without bothering with extra controls.

Your heart rate is displayed on the brightly coloured treadmill display, pulse sensors built into the big handlebars measure your pulse and use this to display your heart beat.

With free delivery and a treadmill that's actually in stock unlike many other suppliers that make you wait weeks, the BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill has proved very popular.
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