Strength Foldaway Indoor Table Tennis Table.

Strength Foldaway Indoor Table Tennis Table a Ping Pong Table that's Portable and Folding.

This table tennis table which is also known as a ping pong table includes two table tennis bats and three ping pong balls and is a folding table where the table folds in half and can be pushed around on the wheels which are at the bottom of the table tennis table legs.
Strength Foldaway Indoor Table Tennis Table, Ping Pong Table.

Ping Pong Table, Portable, Folding.

When unfolded and ready for use you can adjust the height of the individual legs to take account of uneven floors so you could use the table on a uneven wooden floor or on a carpet or even outside on the grass.

The table comes with a table tennis table net and post which clamp to the bottom of the table and have a torsion adjuster to adjust how tight the net is on the table, the table colour is dark green and the surface is non-chip so scratches and knocks won't damage the table and the surface of the table is non-reflective so sunlight or indoor light won't reflect on the table making it difficult to see where the ball is.

Included with the table are two table tennis bats so you can start playing as soon as your table arrives.

When you fold the table the metal legs of the table fold flat against the table to envisage this think of how the legs on a trestle table fold completely flat against the table.

If you like table tennis or ping pong as its more commonly known but think you don't have enough space at home for a full size competition table then think again because with a folding table that really does fold completely flat you can store the table flat against a wall when not in use.

The table is delivered free of charge and has a one year warranty.
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