Motorised Treadmills with easy folding.

Buy today and run tomorrow with the StrengthMaster MI-310 Motorised Treadmill.

This folding treadmill has hydraulics which allow the treadmill to fold easily for easy storage at home, and wheels on the bottom of the treadmill so you can wheel the treadmill around and store it somewhere out of the way.

StrengthMaster MI-310 Motorised Treadmill

Motorised Treadmill.

Motorised treadmills like the StrengthMaster MI-310 have a powered running deck that actively and naturally helps you run and walk, there is no added friction because you are not dragging a manual 'conveyor belt' with you. The MI-310 has a powerful 3HP motor that's 3 horse power, the power of 3 horses! to help you run.

With a top speed of 16 km per hour or 10 miles per hour you know this is a professionally constructed treadmill machine.

The large running deck is perfect for runners, have you ever got tired and fallen of your treadmill or come close to falling off, that's because the running deck was too small, with a larger deck your not so prone to falling off.

The treadmill has a screen displaying your running statistics including time taken, time remaining, current speed, distance travelled, distance remaining, calories used, pulse, incline selected - if you like running up hills you can select a incline also displayed is heart beat in beats per minute.

The treadmill handles have sensors built into each handle which measure your heartbeat as you run, on the screen you can see your heartbeat displayed in bpm beats per minute, this will show you the current strain on your heart, you can increase or reduce your effort depending on your hearts bpm, you can use the screen to monitor your hearts bpm to see if it goes to high and you should slow down, lower your effort, lower your incline or stop.

The running track has suspension, its not like running on a road where your legs are put under the stress of hitting the ground as you run, with the suspension running track your running is cushioned to help prevent strain and injury whilst you run.

8 programs are available on the running computer for you to choose, you can select cardio workouts, alpine runs, racetracks, lose weight, fat burn and other programs that automatically change your running conditions as you run, so for example the incline will vary as if you where running up and down hills, the effort required will vary as if you where running on different terrains.

Of course the treadmill has an emergency stop button, which when pressed will bring the treadmill to a complete halt, as well as a quick start button for people who just want to run or walk and don't want to mess around with programming a computer.

With a maximum user weight of 18 stone, this treadmill is well suited for all members of the family, from young to old, from fit to unfit.
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