StrengthMaster MI-410 Treadmill with heart rate monitor and BMI body fat calculator.

The StrengthMaster MI-410 Treadmill running track folds up horizontally when not in use, it's easy to store and simple to operate.

The training computer can calculate your BMI body fat and heart rate while you run, the 14 training programs including heart rate control, incline and fat burn will help get you fit and keep you interested in using the running machine.

StrengthMaster MI-410 Treadmill Running Machine

Folding Treadmill.

When you get bored of running, choose an incline training program to add a gentle or not so gentle hill to your running routine.

Want to lose weight, use the fat burning programs to slim down and use the fat calculator to chart your progress. The heart rate monitor works continuously while you run, sensors in the handle bars monitor your heart rate and display it on the training computer screen, so you will see any changes to your heart rate and whether you should stop exercising for the day or increase your exercise rate.

You can vary the speed of your run from a casual walk to a 16kmh race, you can set the time so you just exercise for a set amount of time after which the treadmill will automatically slow down and stop letting you know your exercise for the day is over and how many calories you burned and what your heart rate is.

At this low price and taking up so little room in your home thanks to the folding design you can now have a gym quality treadmill in your own home.
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