Treadmill with Built-in TV screen and speakers.

The StrengthMaster MI-611 Treadmill has a built-in TFT LCD flat screen TV and speakers, you can also connect a DVD player or a MP3 player to the treadmill.

Simply run on your treadmill as normal and watch the TV right there in front of you on the treadmill above your treadmill screen which shows time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate.

StrengthMaster MI-611 Treadmill, Built-in TV, DVD/MP3 Input Speakers

StrengthMaster MI-611 Treadmill.

No more being tangled in wires as you try to balance your portable TV, DVD or MP3 on the treadmill.

If your one of the many people who just don't like headphones and want to listen to your music or watch TV without the use of headphones, just listening through normal speakers, then the StrengthMaster MI-611 Treadmill with TV and speakers is for you.
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