Mini Trampoline Rebounder for all ages, keep fit or just have fun.

The Studio Pro Rebounder is a rebounder trampoline for keeping fit and having fun, the rebounders 40 inch or 1 meter diameter trampoline lets you jog, bounce or dance with zero impact to your body.

Great for keeping fit or just having fun, keep fit by building up muscle tone in your legs and thighs while you bounce and lose weight whilst cardio vascular exercises like jogging on the rebounder help you keep trim.

Studio Pro Rebounder 40 inch Low Noise Trampoline

Studio Pro Rebounder Trampoline

The Studio Pro Rebounder is nearly silent in operation thanks to a special spring mounting mechanism that helps reduce noise, there's nothing worse than bouncing up and down whilst being accompanied by a squeak noise.

With 36 springs this 1 meter rebounder will provide lots of fun you can get a seriously good bounce on this rebounder which makes it a lot of fun as well as good for you.

When it's time to store your rebounder trampoline the trampoline legs simply fold away allowing you to store the rebounder flat against a wall, no parts come off when you store your rebounder they simply fold away so there's nothing to lose while the trampoline is in storage.

The Studio Pro Rebounder is suitable for all ages and no special instruction is needed, just bounce, perfect for the kids to keep them entertained dancing and bouncing to music and great for you to keep fit practicing aerobic exercises on the rebounder for zero impact exercise.

The rebounder trampoline has free delivery and a 1 year warranty that even covers the springs, most other manufacturers don't cover the springs in their guarantee as they are often the first parts to go but with Studio Pro should you have any spring problems in the first year you are covered by guarantee.

To setup your rebounder trampoline just unfold the legs, there is no setup or installation to do, it's ready for use straight after the free delivery, many people are put off from ordering trampolines because of the complex 2 men half a day assembly required with tools needed, there's none of that with the Studio Pro Rebounder.
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