Swiss Ball Burst Resistant to 300 kg or 47 stone.

Swiss Ball with included Swiss Ball pump and Swiss Ball workout DVD featuring 40 Swiss Ball exercise workouts.

The Swiss Ball is burst resistant to 300 kg or 47 stone so whatever your weight you know you can use a Swiss Ball to lose weight or for exercise.

Swiss Ball and Ball Pump plus Swiss Ball Workout DVD

Swiss Ball

The Swiss Ball is 55 cm that's 0.55 meters in diameter, with a half meter diameter ball you can have a lot of fun as well as serious exercise.

Use the ball as a seat or chair whilst you watch television or even while you work at your desk they are great for posture as well as for performing exercises, the included DVD will show you 40 different exercises you can do with your Swiss Ball from losing weight with body weight exercises to working out with dumbbells.

The Swiss Ball is blue in colour as is common with most Swiss Balls you will find at the gym, you can use the Swiss Ball to recover from injuries if advised by your Doctor, Swiss Balls are widely used to develop or strengthen core body muscles after injury and during recovery, especially for abdominal areas or increasing the strength in your back muscles.

Use the Swiss Ball whilst watching TV, improve your posture or follow some of the exercises in the included Swiss Ball DVD.

You can use a Swiss Ball for an entire exercise or just for warming up and then moving onto other exercise equipment.

The Swiss Ball includes free delivery, you will have to pump up the Swiss Ball yourself with the included Swiss Ball pump, but you only need do that once as they don't deflate by themselves over time.

For storage simply deflate the Swiss Ball and store it flat anywhere.

Swiss Balls are great for children to play on they don't have to be just for recovery or exercising.
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