Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table.

Review of the Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table the Massage and Reiki Table with Narrow Section for Reiki and to aid Assisted Turning.

The Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table is a folding massage table that is pure luxury, covered in black faux leather with inches of thick memory foam underneath for comfort and support your find your massage and alternative therapy clients feel totally pampered on this table.
Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table, Massage and Reiki Table.

Massage and Reiki Table, Narrow Section for Reiki and to aid Assisted Turning.

If you offer massage to the elderly or those with mobility problems your find the narrow section in the table aids helping the client turn over and is also ideal for Reiki treatments.

The massage table features a arm and hand rest below the face cradle so clients have somewhere to support their arms as they can simply place their hands on the hand cradle and be restful without getting sore or tired arms whilst you are offering treatment this is an especially useful feature for the elderly who will have more problems with mobility and finding a restful position.

The face cradle is adjustable from flat to angled and you can lye face down on the face cradle looking at the floor or face up on the cradle using the cradle as a head rest where the ability to angle the headrest becomes very useful and allows the table to be used for acupuncture to the head as well as Reiki to the head area and head and neck massages.

The table frame is aluminium metal, it's lightweight but also incredibly strong (its the same metal that they use to make aircraft fuselage from, so you know its strong), the table legs can be adjusted for height and that's important to makes sure you always adjust the table to be higher than your client otherwise your get sore and aching hands as you will have to reach up mall the time, much better to reach down to your client.

The Tahiti Witianga 2 Section Massage Table folds in on itself and closes to form a very smart carry case, people will think your carrying a large leather briefcase and not a massage table and being black in colour the massage table will retain its good looks for years as marks and scratches will not show.
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