The Original Nordic Walking Cross Trainer.

The Original Nordic Walking Cross Trainer the Folding Cross Trainer that's Lightweight and you can Carry In One Hand.

The ideal cross trainer to take with you when you travel The Original Nordic Walking Cross Trainer folds completely flat and you can carry it in one hand or store it under your bed or hang it on a door or a wall when not in use.
The Original Nordic Walking Cross Trainer, Folding Cross Trainer.

Folding Cross Trainer, Lightweight Carry In One Hand.

This remarkable folding cross trainer is modern and easy to use and does not require mains electricity, the digital display runs on batteries the cross trainer itself is a beautiful purple in colour its a gloss anti-chip paint too so your cross trainer won't get scratched or chipped.

The Original Nordic Walking Cross Trainer is what cross trainers where designed to be its the simplistic design that works the whole body working both the upper and the lower body and its low impact to as your feet never leave the pedals your not pounding the ground like you do on a cross trainer damaging your knee and hip joints your find that their are no impact injuries or soreness on a Nordic walker.

You can shape and tone your body on a Noprdic walker as the thighs, buttocks, calves, hips and stomach muscles will all reduce in fact and shape and tone as yiou continue to exercise and the shoulders and arms will also tone.

The Nordic walker has no motor as it uses your bodies on weight to provide the sawing action on the pedals so its completely silent so you can get the Nordic walker out from behind the sofa unfold it and start to exercise in front of the television without anyone else in the room being prevented from hearing the television or complaining about the noise.

The training computer has a calorie counter as well as exercise time so you can watch your calories count up as you exercise its great motivation.
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