Thigh Trainer.

The Carl Lewis Thigh Trainer is a step machine designed to work your thighs and help you tone and lose weight.

The handles can be adjusted to suit your own height, no longer do taller people have to bend down to use a stepper and smaller people reach up high just to hold the stepper handles.

Thigh Trainer - Carl Lewis Lateral Stepper : Aids Weight Loss

Step Machine.

Fitted into the handles is a unique hand pulse measurement systems where just by holding the stepper handlebars the Carl Lewis stepper will read your pulse and display it on the built-in screen.

The thigh trainer will help you burn calories as it's a major piece of cardiovascular equipment great for getting fit, staying fit, weight loss and toning.

The lateral stepper feature has a twisting movement which angles your muscles differently for the inner and outer thighs, this helps tone the individual muscles and actually works those muscles rather than a more general workout as you want toned thighs, that's exactly what your going to get with this stepper.

It's not just the things that the thigh trainer works it's the waistline and buttocks as well so if you're looking to get into shape the Carl Lewis Thigh Trainer and Stepper does exactly that.

There's an easy adjust speed control to set the speed you would like to exercise from fast, medium and slow in fact its a gradual switch so you can set any speed in between as well.

If you have ever fallen off a stepper it was probably because the step plates where not large enough this stepper comes with extra large step plates so you're most unlikely to fall of this stepper.

The built-in computer and display will measure step count, strides per minute, your pulse, the time elapsed and time remaining as well as your calories.
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