Big running deck TrackSpeed 3200i

The TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill has a Big Running Deck measuring 0.4 metres x 1.27 metres that's 16 inches x 50 inches, a big conveyer belt area of a treadmill, so you have plenty room to run or walk without worrying that the treadmill is too small.

With 48 different exercise programmes to help you get the best out of the treadmill you can try a different exercise programme everyday and still not be finished trying out all the exercise programmes one month later.

TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill, Large Running Deck

Big Running Deck.

This big running deck treadmill folds as well, the running deck folds upwards creating a much smaller folded treadmill when you need to store it, ideal for storing this big running deck treadmill out of the way, the storage wheels let you move the treadmill about when in its folded position so it's easy to move to the position you have designated for storage.

The TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill is a big treadmill with a maximum user runner's weight of 16 stone you can be assured of its sturdy construction and the one year warranty is sure to please.

Big treadmills need big handles and that's what you get with the TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill, if you like to run holding the handles, especially when running or walking uphill then the TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill has a lot to offer, on the big treadmills big handles are pulse sensors that are used to display your heart rate on the digital display the automatic exercise programmes like a computer version of a personal trainer even use your heart rate to adjust the exercise programme to best suit your ability.

Big treadmill, big running deck, big handle bars but not a big price, its well under four hundred pounds, that's a bargain for a bestselling big treadmill like the TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill.
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