Large running deck TrackSpeed 3200i

The TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill has a Large Running Deck that's measured in metres not inches like other brands.

With a running deck size of 0.4 metres x 1.27 metres you won't fall of this treadmill, and with 48, yes 48 exercise programmes you are sure to find a exercise programme that suits you, from losing weight, burning calories, hill running, road running, alpine running and many more.

TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill, Large Running Deck

Large Running Deck.

If you like running up hills or even walking up hills the TrackSpeed 3200i has a 14% incline, that means you can run up a hill that's 14% off the horizontal running deck, of course you can select a more graceful incline like 5% if you prefer.

With pulse sensors in the handlebars to measure you heartbeat and a big friendly red emergency stop button if you find the need to stop in a hurry this is a good solid treadmill.

If you get thirsty whilst running you can use the inbuilt bottle storage to hold your water bottles close at hand whilst you run, and with two water bottle holders there's plenty of room for as much refreshment as you require no matter how long you plan to use your treadmill.

Although the treadmill has a large running deck it's easy to store as the treadmill running deck automatically folds to a horizontal position at the touch of a button thanks to it's built in hydraulics, don't worry it can't pack itself up when in use, so there's no danger of you getting caught in storage.

Underneath the large running deck are wheels for easily manoeuvring the treadmill around your home, you can wheel it to the garage or into the lounge anyplace that's convenient for use.

Buy one of the largest running deck treadmills on the market, buy the TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill.

The TrackSpeed3200i treadmill is a medium priced treadmill that has a full range of features like the very large running track that gives you lots of room to position yourself where you want rather than where smaller treadmills dictate, if your new to walking or ruining on a treadmill a larger running deck prevents you from getting that feeling that your going to fall of as you have more room and feel less restricted.

The console where your find the display screen and buttons has a range of quick touch buttons the advantage of these is that you can just reach over whilst your running and press the quick touch button without having to read what's said ion the screen or make any menu presses so its a lot quicker and if your not used to treadmills and feel a bit wobbly your find it easier reaching a hand out whilst still being able to hold onto the console and handrail.

In the centre of the console is a large emergency stop button, press the button to bring the treadmill to an immediate stop, you can also attach the emergency stop cord to the button here you hold the cord in your hand or attach the cord to your clothing and then should you fall off or pull away from the treadmill the emergency cord will be pulled and the treadmill will make an emergency stop.

The large running deck features a six point suspension system which prevents you getting impact injury to your knees, spine and joints as running is a high impact sport but with the TRackSpeed3200i you can lessen some of that impact.

The treadmill folds for easy storage but as well as folding when folded you can use the transport wheels to wheel the treadmill around your house from one room to another making the treadmill very easy to store as you can store the treadmill anywhere, in a spare room in the corner of the room or in the hall or under the stairs.
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