Heart Rate Monitor

The BodyTrain T1200 Treadmill Running Machine with Heart Rate Monitor, heart rate monitor built-in to the treadmill handlebars, just hold the handlebars as you walk, run or jog and the permanent maintenance free metal sensors in the handlebars will measure your pulse, convert this into a heart rate reading in BPM (Beats per Minute) and display the heart rate on the digital display console mounted directly in front of you which is easily seen when you are running, no need to take your eyes of the road/treadmill.

The importance of a treadmill running machine with heart rate monitor cannot be overstated, knowing your heart rate whilst you exercise is the best way to stay safe and the best way to exercise and lose weight or gain stamina.

BodyTrain T1200 Beginners Treadmill

Treadmill Running Machine

The treadmill running machine will display your heart rate on one of the three digital displays constantly as you run, with three digital displays you can always see your heart rate, calories burned, speed, time or distance without having to press buttons to alter the display, and the accompanying loss of balance that trying to work buttons whilst running can result in.

There are fourteen automatic exercise programmes built-in to the treadmill running machine, these change the resistance to running, the amount of flat or hill, the rest periods, the work periods and much more automatically in order to fulfil certain exercise goals like lose fat, lose weight, gain muscle, gain stamina, marathon, walk, jog and many more.

With a heart rate controlled treadmill running machine the treadmill automatically adjust the running course, how hard it is to run, the amount of hill or flat, how hard you have to work etc, depending on your heart rate, if your heart rate shows you're not being exercised hard then the machine will speed up or increase the amount of hill or narrow the rest breaks and conversely if your heart rate shows you should cool down or stop or have increased rest periods then those will be automatically programmed in to the exercise regime whilst you are running.
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